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Episode 12: The Holiday Special | SensNation

Episode 12: The Holiday Special

by SensNation on 23rd-December-2013

snpodcastlogo_small This is Episode 12 of the new SensNation Podcast featuring Owen (@SensNation), Danny (@HockeyTwoTimes) and Dom (@GrumpyDom).

In this episode we discuss; recent Sens games, news and notes, the Cowen suspension, the Ceci and Pageau recalls, the cancellation of the Flash Mob, the forthcoming regional broadcasting contract and we answer questions from the SensNation Tweet Bag™. (note: direct download & play now links are at the bottom of the page)

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Topic Breakdown

– Introduction and recent games (0:00:00-1:18:00)
– Cowen suspension, head shots, suspensions and Tom Wilson hit (0:11:30-0:21:45)
– Ceci and Pageau call-ups (0:21:45-0:25:30)
– Neil punching Conacher in practice (0:31:45-0:35:00)
– MacLean (0:39:45-0:54:30)
– On MacLean and goaltending choices (1:05:45-1:09:15)
– More on MacLean, line combinations, WOWY (1:09:15-1:18:00)
– Sens Blogger Classic (1:18:30-1:22:15)
– Cancellation of Sens Flash Mob (1:22:15-1:23:30)
– Sens regional broadcast contract (1:23:30-1:26:00)
– Rumour that Murray told to trim salary (1:26:00-1:28:45)
– HBO 24/7 – Crosby “Kadri’s a ****ing joke” (1:28:45-1:31:45)
– SensNation Tweet Bag™ (1:31:45-1:47:40)
– Look at next 6 games and outro (1:47:40-2:00:45)

Thanks for listening, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


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You guys should predict more "automatic loss" with Andy.  It would really help the team.

Merry x-mas guys, keep up the good work.  The heater may help your collective demeanor though,  = P