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How To Submit An Article

So you’ve read our page on “How to Participate” and you’ve decided you’re in!  Then, naturally, you THOROUGHLY read the SensNation.com “Terms and Conditions” and now you’re ready to post, but how?!  You’ve come to the right place….


1.  Create a profile

If you do not have a profile yet then you need to create one.  On any page navigate to the right hand side and choose one of the methods to “connect with” SensNation.  You can choose Twitter, Gmail, Facebook or LinkedIn OR, if you’d rather stay completely anonymous, then you can create a fresh account with us by selecting the WordPress option.

After you select your connection method you will be taken to a profile page where you can fill out as much of your profile as you want to.  If a photo does not automatically sync from your social network account then be sure to add one.

Save your profile.

Now any time you come back to SensNation to either post an article or comment on someone else’s article your can login with either your social networking account or your Wordpress account.  Note that you can link multiple social networking accounts to your profile and then in the future you can use any of them to login with.  Regardless of which one you use to login you will still be posting and commenting from the same profile.


2.  Login

Once you have an account make sure you’re logged in.


3.  Navigate to the “Submit a Post” page

There are several links to the “Submit a Post” page… it doesn’t matter which one you follow, just get there!


4.  Add a title

Add a title that relates to your article.  Make sure that at the start of your title IN CAPS you include a reference to type of article you are posting.  Therefore your title must include one of the following:

  • NEWS
  • BLOG
  • POLL

For more information on the types of articles you can post please review our “How to Participate” page.


5.  Select your category

From the dropdown menu select the category for your post.  Note that Features and Editorials are one category.


6.  Upload an image

Each article must have an accompanying image.  Whatever image you choose should be roughly a square.  If your source image is not a square then use either desktop or online software (such as Google Plus’ photo editor) to crop your image.

This image will be the thumbnail that accompanies your article on the main page and appears in a larger format beside your article when people are reading it in full page view.


7.  Write your article

Insert the main body of your article in the large box under the word “Body”.  You can use the controls to stylize your article by bolding, italicizing centering text.


Adding links

To add a link to text you simply select the text you want to link to some other URL and select the link icon:

A box will then pop up and then you insert the desired URL into the URL box and select “Open link in a new window/tab”:


Quoting text



Adding YouTube videos


YouTube videos are incredibly easy to add.  Go to the YouTube video you want to and click on the “Share” button:

The copy the URL that appears:

Copy that URL and simply paste it into your article and the video will appear:


Adding images

You can also insert additional images in the body of your article by clicking on the following icon:

Then a box will open up that will allow to either upload an image OR to simply link to an image hosted elsewhere on the internet:

If you are uploading from your compter you can just drag and drop the image into the box on the pop up.

If you are uploading from the web you select that option at the top of the above image and then enter the URL in the appropriate box:

Whether you are uploading the file or simply adding the URL, the final step will be to select where the image will go (typically left or centre) and then to select “Insert into Post”:

If you are uploading an image then you will have the additional choice of what size to post the image as –

If whatever you choose ends up being too big or too small then simply delete the image and try again.

Lastly there is a third option — you can add a photo from the “Media Library” which includes all the photos uploaded for previous articles.  It may take some work but you can scroll through those and see if you can find what you’re looking for.


8.  Add tags

The last thing you need to do before submitting your article is to add tags.  Tags are typically one or two words that relate to an article and allow it to be sorted and found by visitors interested in those topics.  Separate your tags by commas.  For example, if you wrote an article about Spezza and Karlsson playing in Europe in the lockout then your tags might look like this:


9.  You’re done

Click “Submit” and as long as you’ve followed this guide and our Terms and Conditions then a SensNation administrator or moderator should approve your article for posting imminently.


10.  Editing

Presently we do not have the capability to allow contributors to edit their posts.  If you want to make a small correction or add an update to your article we suggest you do it in the comments section under your post.  If you want to change something significant then submit an edit request on the “Contact Us” page and an administrator will make the change as quickly as possible.


Happy writing!

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