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Terms and Conditions

We are excited to offer SensNation users the ability to contribute to our content. In order to safeguard proper ethics and standards, all members must agree to following terms, conditions and rules as outlined herein.


Members Must Agree to Conform to Site and Article Themes:

We are excited about offering a user-driven experience.  However, to ensure that SensNation.com does not devolve into inane, irrelevant, unorganized and unreadable swamp we require that all articles and submissions fit into one of the five categories outlined in the “How To Participate” page , follow the formatting set out on the “How To Submit An Article” page, and comply with the Terms and Conditions outlined on this page.  Contributions that fail to do so will not be posted and/or will be deleted from our server.


The SensNation Administrators maintain discretion, power, control and authority:

We, the owners and administrators of SensNation.com, reserve the right to edit and/or delete users’ contributions at any time, and for any reason.

In particular, articles and headlines may be edited to ensure they fit the formatting approved by administrators.  If you have any requests that the approved formatting be altered then do not hesitate to ask.

Other than formatting and headline editing, we hope that content editing and the deletion of articles rarely occurs, but we also have no idea what will come up in the future, so we require total control over all elements of the site.

Furthermore, as a contributor to SensNation.com you are agreeing that SensNation.com maintains ownership over all content published thereon.

The Don’ts:

Doing any of the stuff on the below list can get you banned and your content deleted FAST–without notification.

  1. No trolling.
  2. No porn.
  3. No hate speech (ie. no sexist, racist and/or homophobic comments).
  4. No copyright infringement.
  5. No plagiarism.
  6. No hacking.
  7. No spamming or “sales” soliciting.
  8. NO FAKE news articles or making up “rumors” — except on April 1st.

If you need clarification on anything, ask us HERE.

Journalistic Ethics and Standards on the Internet:

Obey these basic rules:

  1. Don’t plagiarize. Stealing is bad. When aggregating news content from other sites, only take a portion of someone elses work–a paragraph or two is acceptable. If you find you are taking too much you might just want to rewrite it and call it your own.
  2. Always credit your source. Make sure when you use content from another site or news source that you give them credit with a link back to their site. Your newsloading tool has that ability, so use it.
  3. Exclusive content is GREAT! Do a lot of that.
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